Your mobile charging issues solved.

Designed and tested for over three years to work with… Golf Carts, Boats, Lawn Mowers, Tractors,  ATVs & UTVs etc.

Be Ready — No More Dead Devices

Peace of Mind

Power where you need it!

Never be POWERLESS again.

HYJAX provides a solution for a problem we all have at some point when we play outside.  We designed a safe and simple solution for always being connected.  No more missing texts from important clients, missing emergency calls from friends or family, or that email closing that big sale.  If you have a battery, then we have the solution.  Simply solution for a complicated life.  Balancing life and fun just become easier.



1. Remove Hyjax from the bag and connect all ports together.

2. Connect black gator clip to negative terminal securely.

3. Connect red gator clip to positive terminal.

4. Plug in USB devices to dual USB ports.